• Sochenda Aok

Small Shopping Bag DIY

This post is for someone who is looking for DIY shopping bags. For those who want to shop with no plastics but do not have time to do this, does not mean that you can't shop plastic-free or you have to get down and spend your valuable time for this DIY, don't get me wrong. You can always buy one of these in a zero-waste store.

You have to have some basic knowledge about hand sewing or if you have a sewing machine, use it. I, myself, am not a good sewer. I only know the basics and my sewing is not beautiful but the result is totally ok and the most important thing is it can be used. Let's get started with the bag.

What You Need

Two pieces of rectangle cloth (Any cloth you have is fine. It can be your old clothes.)


Needle and thread

Paper clip

One string

Check the video below for the process of making it. Thank you!


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