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Cutlery Set On the Go for Zero-Waste Beginners

Plastics cutleries have become very popular and handy in fast food restaurants. The cost of plastics cutleries is way cheaper than the labor cost of the cleaners. That is why businesses choose plastics over reusable cutleries. This decision nudges us, individual consumers, to have no choice but to use them if we would like to eat there. However, this statement was true a few decades ago. After zero-waste movement have started, zero-wasters have gone beyond that unconscious decision and started to use their own reusable cutlery sets.

Reusable Cutlery Set

There are a lot of options for reusable cutlery sets, you can go with wood or stainless steel on the market. But, for zero-waster beginners, cutlery set on the go is way easier to grab more than that. Here what you can do.

First and Easiest Option

Head to the kitchen and grab whatever spoon, fork, and knife you have. Then find a piece of cloth and wrap them around and you are good to go. This might be not as convenient as the ones on the market that come nice cases but I think it's good enough to get you started.

Second Option: Buy One!

A reusable cutlery set will cost you a little money but it comes with everything you need put the case which make you easy to travel with. You can find it on Amazon and other zero-waste stores.


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