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4 Little Things a Waster Does

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Humans are all wasters and we've been like that a long time ago. We do not even recognize this issue anymore. It's only a matter of more or less waste. Back to the era when technology had not been invented, society had not been modernized, human lives depended on nature. We went hunting or fishing, ate, and slept when it's dark. The speed of invading the nature was slow which had no effect because nature got time to complete the cycle. Now, 21st century, life is so much easier or is it? Food can be packaged and delivered to our doors 30 minutes after a few clicks on the phone. Everything is so much more convenient than we have ever thought of. Even more so, we haven't thought of how fast we are in invading the nature's cycle. In our daily lives, there are some extremely wasteful little things that some people do without even care.

1. Ask for More Plastic Bags

This might sound unbelievable for some people, but believe me it's true. There are some people who insist for more plastic bags just so the sellers will profit the least. What??? I know right! This is my real experience. It was a few years ago. I went to buy something with a relative and I am not gonna say who. We bought a box of medication which came with a nice package already. The pharmacist handed her the box and she insisted on getting a plastic bag for the box. I said, no we don't need it but she responded "យី! កុំ​អោយខាត". It's Khmer language meaning "Nah...just so we are not losing anything". This hit me in the face that there are still a lot of people who are not educated about our environment especially in developing countries such as Cambodia. There are many cases, for instant, people asking for two plastics bags for one thing just so it is more secure.

2. Two Straws in One Drink

While some western countries started banning the use of plastic straws as they are unnecessary single-used plastics. Two straws in one drink has become more popular for decorating drinks in some restaurants, pubs, and bars in some developing countries. I really don't understand the concept behind this phenomenon. One for stirring and one for drinking? I am shocked seeing this coming from businesses. I once went to a pub, ordered a drink, and I told the waiter not to give me any straw but he seemed to not really care about my request. Then I got two straws in my drink. I said I didn't want any straw, why put two in my drink? Then he said, ahh never mind I can take it back and then he threw them in the trash bin in front of me and smiled :)

3. Use Plastic Cutleries and Plates at Home

Plastic is cheap in term of price but if negative externality is being considered at this point, it is very expensive. However, mostly, people will only think of the products' price and not the cost of the externality. Plastic plates and cutleries are cheap and convenient but regardless of all these reasons, they are not supposed to be used at home. Spend a little time to clean the dishes would not cost a lot and not to mention the negative effect of our health using hot meals on plastics.

4. Each Car for Each Person in the House

It is really common for rich families to have many cars in the house. Why? Because they can. It's not wrong to buy more cars but the thing is when each member in the house uses one car, the energy is being wasted a lot. Pollution increases and gasoline consumption exponentially grows. The Earth is trying to pull everything together but we have to help it. We should encourage and support public transportation and rich families who do not want to use public transportation to just try to use one car and simplify the routes.

Pay the Earth when we still can.


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