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3 Easy Steps to Begin Shopping Zero-Waste

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

If you take a look in super markets, most of the things are package in plastics, plastics, and plastics. Food is essential for our bodies and we have to go shopping and eventually we end up with a lot of waste. Start noticing! how fast is our trash bin fill up with many types of waste if we don't care about composing or separating it correctly.

Zero-waste seems to be very extreme for some people. However, "waste" here is Municipal Solid Waste, the trash of our daily usage that will be delivered to landfill. Therefore, zero-waste can be started with simply just reducing your trash. The same as zero-waste shopping for beginners, we don't need to start with buying zero-waste kits such as biodegradable tote bags or glass jars. We can just simply start with what we have. Below are three simple things we can do.

1. Assemble Your Existing Shopping Kits

Take a look around the house, the kitchen, the storage, and the cabinet and see if there is anything can be used as shopping kits. It can be the old tote bag, any container, and also the egg tray that was bought last week. Bring them to the market. Can I use my existing plastics container and consider being zero-waste? Of course we can, the purpose of being zero-waste is to not sending more trash to landfills. So throwing all plastic items that could be used is also a waste. But, buying new plastics items is a no, no. Even tough, the item can be reused but we wouldn't want to encourage these plastics industries, right?

2. Choose the Location and PrepareChoose where to shop is very important as regular supermarkets are full with plastics packagings and system involved with a lot of waste that we're as customers have to follow. The best way is to shop at local market where local people sell fresh veggies and no system. We can just put all the veggies in the tote bag after buying, bring the old egg tray to refill with new eggs, and rape bread with cotton or paper. Moreover, preparing what to buy is another crucial step to avoid over buying what are not needed. One thing to always remember is "Buy just enough!". Prepare cash because some local market won't be able to accept credit card.

3. Stick to Your List

Arriving at the market with a lot of colorful fresh produce can be overwhelming sometimes when "I want this and I also want that" statement come to mind. No, "buy just enough!", remember? We might not have enough containers or tote bag to put everything. If so, don't buy more. Be prepare to say "no, I don't need plastics bag" to sellers because they will usually put items in plastics bag for us.

Start with something small. We do not need to be 100% zero-waste at first. Just start somewhere! You, I and, We are matter.

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